Ever wanted to run your own kennel? Raise a litter of puppies? Own your very own canine related business? Or simply have a dog of your very own? With Dog Dayzz, all of this and more is possible from the comfort of your own home. YOU can create your very own virtual canine world.

Play your way. There is no one way to play Dog Dayzz, the game will be what you make of it. Set your own goals, reach your achievements, and share with the community. Social butterflies may find themselves at home in the chat or forums, interacting with other players and building their kennel with partners. Others may prefer a more individual game, in which you can be fully successful without aid.

For the Competitor.

A competitive person may find themselves leaning towards the large variety of competitions. Dogs can compete in anything from Conformation to Agility, to Schutzhund and more! Train your dog to become the best, prove their status by earning a number of titles, and possibly even immortalize them in the Hall of Fame.

For the Breeder.

Those who are interested in breeding have much to look forward to. Not only can you breed the perfect line of purebred pooches, but you can also cross breed to create F1 designer dogs, or your very own personalized mixie. With realistic genetics, true to standard traits and colors, and a variety of genetic factors, the challenge never ends. Whether you want to produce a rare color, or the perfect health stats, the challenge awaits.

For the Pure of Heart.

Those extremely caring individuals may want different type of personal reward. A rescue kennel may be more their style. Rescue dogs from poor situations, rehabilitate, foster and re-home dogs from the local rescue, or participate in the Rescue Challenge by finding the perfect home. By helping these dogs you will earn Rescue Points, which may just earn you a special place in the Hall of Fame.